Guide on Writing a Hook for College Essay

What does a hook mean in an essay? It is a phrase or information contained in the first sentence that will instantly cause the reader to develop an interest in your paper. As the name suggests, it will capture the reader like a hook catches a fish.

A hook is an answer when you are looking for tricks on how to grab attention in an essay. The hook sparks curiosity in the reader. It makes your introduction stand out while at the same time giving a reader something to look forward to in the essay.

Here are hook strategies to try in your next essay:

Quote an authority in your area

The mention of Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, and such notable personalities instantly captures the attention of a reader. Start your essay with a quote by these personalities to put your discussion into context. The reader will be interested in the relationship between the quote and the subject of discussion.

The quote must be relevant to the discussion. For instance, you cannot include a quote on peace while discussing an unrelated subject in sports. If the reader cannot connect the quote with the subject you are discussing, he will be disappointed in your writing. It wakens your paper.

Address a misconception

The world is full of misconceptions about different subjects. One of the best strategies on how to write catchy hooks is to invert the mind of the reader by addressing this misconception. The reader will be surprised that he has gotten it wrong all along. Promise to correct the issue once and for all in your paper. You are guaranteed the attention of the reader to the end.


If you are looking for tricks on how to write a hook for a college essay, then prepare an interesting story. The story must be relevant to the context or help your reader to understand your point of view. You will spend the next few paragraphs or chapters helping the reader to unravel the mystery contained in the story.

A personal testimony also works as a perfect hook for college essay. The lesson from the testimony must be extremely clear such that readers do not struggle to understand. The wrong story can easily throw the reader off-balance, causing him to dismiss your paper or misinterpret the subject altogether.

Use statistics

Imagine such words as, ‘1 in every 3 people walk in their sleep’ Or, “men are worse victims of domestic violence,’. Such statistics will bolt you to action. You want to see the point the writer is trying to make. The statistics should be drawn from reputable research firms such that they cannot be discounted. Statistics rank high among the good attention grabbers in academic writing.

Ask a question

The question will be rhetoric or confusing to answer. Questions are objects of suspense. The reader might have his answer but the correct answer may be different. It is another chance to spend the next few paragraphs and chapters answering the question.

The best college essay hook examples are controversial and unpopular statements. They ignite a debate in the mind of the reader immediately. Since the reader has an opinion already, the controversy will drive him to dig into your paper in an attempt to confirm his position or understand why you have come to a different conclusion.

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