How to Write an Essay About a Book

Essays on literature are common when your tutor is testing your understanding of the ideas espoused by the authors. You may be asked to write a general commentary, review a theme, character, or such other literary devices. It is one of the easiest essays you will ever write but can also prove to be extremely difficult.

The same tricks used to write an essay on a book will apply to critiquing a poem, speech, or any other form of literature. Here are excellent tips to help you craft the best literary review.

Read the book

It is impossible to critique a book that you have not read. You end up with rumors and misrepresentations that cannot stand academic scrutiny. Begin by reading the actual book.

Reread the book if you have already read it, this time with a special focus on the subject you will discuss. For instance, the characters you will be discussing will appear clearer than when you read the book without any special intentions. It refreshes your mind and can also be used as a moment to collect points and develop an outline.

Review instructions

Read the prompt or instructions issued before starting to write or research the book. Understand what your tutor is looking for in your book. The revision ensures that you begin researching or writing from the right perspective. Since books are expansive, you might discuss the wrong theme or character.

Questions on books test very specific elements. Understand the elements of a literary analysis being tested before you can start writing your paper. Missing instructions will result in a poor-quality paper and grades.

Check what other authors are saying about the theme

Read other papers and academic materials written about the book. Writing essays about literature requires a comparison of other academic works to understand the ideas that already exist in the literary repertoire. Such comparison ensures that you do not repeat the same arguments or ideas.

Reading other essays forms part of the literature review for your paper. You will encounter supporting as well as opposing ideas. These ideas enrich your paper and make it more interesting to read.

Develop a captivating title

Craft an interesting title for your essay. Writing an essay on a book requires you to develop a specific topic indicate the subject you are discussing the book in your paper. The title should be fresh and interesting. Make the title specific so that a reader will know what to expect in your essay when reading. This is the best tip on how to start an essay about a book because your title will arouse the curiosity of your readers.

Craft a compelling argument

Experts offering tips on analyzing literature a guide for students recommend choosing a specific perspective and beginning your paper. Provide the strongest evidence possible to support your position. The evidence can be from the book or analyzed by other authors who have studied the book.

Once you are done, edit your paper. All the ideas discussed above answer the question, ‘what is a literary essay”. They help you to craft a grade A+ literary criticism paper.

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