Analytical Essay Ideas: Writing Guide & Sample

An analytical expository essay requires you to delve deep into an idea or subject and provide a personal perspective. You may also be directed to approach the subject from a particular angle instead of giving an independent analysis. The expository […]

How to Write an Essay About a Book

Essays on literature are common when your tutor is testing your understanding of the ideas espoused by the authors. You may be asked to write a general commentary, review a theme, character, or such other literary devices. It is one […]

Guide on Writing a Hook for College Essay

What does a hook mean in an essay? It is a phrase or information contained in the first sentence that will instantly cause the reader to develop an interest in your paper. As the name suggests, it will capture the […]

How to Write a Strong Title in an Essay

The importance of titles in essays cannot be overemphasized. Titles give the reader an idea of what to expect from a paper. It directs the writer to research a specific subject or take a particular perspective. Students who have mastered […]