Nonfiction is considered a type of literature because it

Correct answer: B. appeals to readers’ hearts as well as their minds. Explanation: Nonfiction can be considered literature since it informs readers and presents truthfulness and accuracy of information . It can be presented objectively or subjectively. Although the nonfiction […]

Before the Renaissance, virtually all dramas focused on

Correct answer: A. religious themes Explanation: Since the Middle Ages, when almost all life revolved around the church, nearly all dramas were based on religious themes before the Renaissance. The Renaissance saw a shift in focus to humanity. Renaissance art […]

A company that allows you to license software monthly

The answer is C. Subscription. Additional Explanation: Software license is an agreement between the publisher of software and the individual user. The publisher is also known by the name licensor, while the purchaser is the name of the individual who […]

Which soil would most likely be found in the Arctic?

Answer: B.Gelisols Tundra soil is found in the Arctic. Tundra soil, also known as permafrost, is the frozen soil underneath the snow. Permafrost is the frozen ground that gelisols refer to. Gelisols is derived from the Latin gelare, which means […]

How do organisms form carbon films?

So, how do organisms form carbon films? Answer: Carbon is the main component of any organism or body. Sediment can cover an organism after it dies. All the materials in the body of the deceased organism eventually become unusable due […]

Which value is reflected in Heracles?

The correct answer is A) taking responsibility for one’s actions. Explanation: Heracles, a mythical heavenly figure in Greek mythology was Zeus’s son and Amphitryon’s foster child. He was Perseus’s great grandson and stepbrother. He was regarded as the greatest of […]

Analytical Essay Ideas: Writing Guide & Sample

An analytical expository essay requires you to delve deep into an idea or subject and provide a personal perspective. You may also be directed to approach the subject from a particular angle instead of giving an independent analysis. The expository […]

How to Write an Essay About a Book

Essays on literature are common when your tutor is testing your understanding of the ideas espoused by the authors. You may be asked to write a general commentary, review a theme, character, or such other literary devices. It is one […]

Guide on Writing a Hook for College Essay

What does a hook mean in an essay? It is a phrase or information contained in the first sentence that will instantly cause the reader to develop an interest in your paper. As the name suggests, it will capture the […]

How to Write a Strong Title in an Essay

The importance of titles in essays cannot be overemphasized. Titles give the reader an idea of what to expect from a paper. It directs the writer to research a specific subject or take a particular perspective. Students who have mastered […]