Which line from the Still Alarm by George S. Kaufman contains a parody of British society?

Answer: A) FIRST FIREMAN: We’re the firemen, Mr. Barclay. (They remove their hats.)
Experts suggest that parody is a literary device that mimics a target or person. It ends up with a comic effect through exaggeration.

This line is a parody on British society as it shows how calm and proper the character behaves in that moment. Background is that he is in a hotel with others. Because the fire is approaching the area where they are, the situation is more dangerous. The Firemen arrive on the scene and introduce themselves very professionally. They remove their hats as though nothing was happening. This is parody of the British’s excessive formality. Real life is chaotic. In an emergency situation like this, everyone rushes to save their lives. The fireman responds quickly, orders, and proceeds confidently and firmly.

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