Which of the following exemplifies extrinsically motivated behavior?

Answer: A. Attending a mosque because you believe it is the right thing to do.

Explanation: Extrinsic motivation is behavior motivated by external rewards. These external rewards can be tangible such as grades or money, or intangible such as fame or praise. Extrinsic motivation, unlike intrinsic motivation, is based on external rewards.

Extrinsically motivated people will keep doing the same task, even if it is not rewarding. For example, you might find something that you don’t enjoy or that is rewarding at work to earn a salary.

On the other hand, internal motivation is behavior driven by internal rewards.
The motivation to engage in a particular behavior comes from within because it is satisfying for you.

If you do something for pure enjoyment, it is because you are intrinsically motivated. You are motivated to engage in this behavior because you feel the intrinsic reward of it, and not because of any external rewards like money, prizes, or recognition.
However, intrinsically motivated behaviors can have their own rewards. These rewards include positive emotions in the individual.

These feelings can be triggered by activities that give meaning to people, such as volunteering or participating in church events. You may feel a sense of accomplishment when you see your work accomplishing something good or when you are more competent at a task.

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