Shaheen Books | In How Many Ways Can 6 Books Be Arranged On a Shelf?

1. In how many ways can 6 books be arranged on a shelf?

You have the option to choose one of the 6 books for the book on the left. For the next one, you can choose from the 5 on the left.(for more info, follow this link)


The total number of arrangements that you have is:


According to experts, this is often written as 6! (pronounced “6 factorial”), which refers to the sum of all whole numbers between 1 and the one before it.

2. Is the number of pages in book is an example of a continuous variable?

Answer: No, it is not. The number of book pages is always discreet, because you cannot have 0.72 books.

Once that is done, numbers like these can be treated as continuous variables, especially if they are very large, which would be expected in a college library.

3. How many books did Charles Darwin write?

Answer: Charles Darwin wrote 54 books, with the most famous called “The Origin of the Species”.

Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species outlined the idea of all life being explained by natural laws and causes.

The Origin of the Species was based on an either/or argument. Either all life was created in the same way as it is observed today (the fixity of all species). Or, all life was created by descent from one ancestral form.

Darwin suggested that natural selection could have produced all forms of life by using analogies to artificial selection (none of him books was about programming). Darwin believed (erroneously) that the laws of inheritance did not exist at the time. Natural selection would allow those potentialities that were most suited to their environment to survive and to pass on their characteristics. Their offspring would cause an irreversible rise in complexity. This idea explained how all of life could be connected by the tree, which Darwin called descent with modification. It is also known as Darwinian Evolution.

Darwinian Evolution, also known as Darwinian Evolution, introduces to the world a way to view life from a naturalistic world view. This eliminates the need to look at life through the lens of the supernatural.