How to Write a Compelling Essay in 10 Steps

Planning an essay is one of the most important steps in the writing process. It gives you an idea of the actions to take until you complete the paper. A well-planned essay will instantly capture the attention of the reader. It also attracts the best grade.

Experts who know how to write a compelling essay admit that it is a process rather than a singular event. A good essay is a combination of steps before, during, and after drafting the paper. Skipping one of the dos and don’ts of writing an essay will result in a poor-quality paper, especially one that is mundane to read and attracts a poor grade.

Here are the top 10 steps to writing an essay that will earn the best grade, win awards, and even secure you scholarships.

  1. Review the prompt – A review of instructions is the first step before you can write any paper. It ensures that you understand the expectations and are drafting the paper from the right perspective. You will understand the formatting style, reference materials to use, expected length, and submission deadline, among other factors. The instructions will guide you on how to plan an essay since the instructions for a checklist during grading.
  2. Research the essay – look for books, academic articles, and quality reference materials to enrich your idea. They can be found in the library or credible online databases.
  3. Choose a topic – identify a specific subject to discuss in the paper. Choose a fresh subject and make it interesting for your readers.
  4. Draw an outline – Do you want to know how to write a well-organized essay? It is time to draw an outline. It will help you to organize your ideas strategically such that your paper achieves maximum impact.
  5. Find the perfect time to write- a compelling paper requires time and the perfect environment. Choose a time when the mind is most relaxed. You will dig deep into the paper and produce compelling arguments.
  6. Draft the paper at an appropriate place – set a comfortable desk away from distraction. Choose appropriate furniture that will not cause you to strain while you draft the paper.
  7. Use samples and examples – samples and examples guide you while writing. You will not waste time while stranded because you do not understand what is expected.
  8. Utilize online writing tools – online writing apps and platforms help you to complete the paper faster and accurately.
  9. Hire a helper – how long does it take to write an essay? You can take a few hours or days by hiring a professional helper online.
  10. Use quality reference materials – the quality of reference materials you use will determine the strength of your arguments. Use quality reference materials from the library and approved databases to support your ideas.

Which is the final step in writing an essay? Editing! Complete the paper on time to give room for editing. Hire a professional editor or use online editing tools. Editing allows you to submit an error-free paper.