How to Write a Strong Title in an Essay

The importance of titles in essays cannot be overemphasized. Titles give the reader an idea of what to expect from a paper. It directs the writer to research a specific subject or take a particular perspective.

Students who have mastered how to title essays produce some of the most compelling papers. By merely seeing the title, a tutor develops the perception of a quality paper and is likely to award a better grade. The reader also wants to dig deeper into the paper because of what the title promises.

Here are tips on how to make a good essay title:

Choose a fresh title

Readers love to spend time on new and interesting academic materials. This is the promise of a fresh title. It departs from the old mundane discussions and takes the author into a new academic realm.

You must read the works of other writers to know how to pick a title for an essay. Imitate the kinds of titles they have given their works. Other essays also help you to know the ideas that have already been discussed by other writers. You will, therefore, avoid them in your writing.

Be unique

Choose a unique title. If you look at the catchy essay titles examples in the library or at online databases, you will realize that they do not offer room for imitation. Choosing a subject that has already been discussed will result in repetition. Your tutor and readers who come across your paper will not waste time on regurgitated academic materials. You end up with a poor grade or disqualification.

Make the title interesting

Essays are like books and poems. The title gives you a reason to read into the body of an essay. It points at an interesting discussion inside the paper, inviting you to engage.

Thinking like an artist is one of the strategies on how to think of a good essay title. Make it interesting and capture the imagination of the reader. Promise a rewarding engagement and discussion of the subject.

A title is interesting based on the words used. Choose catchy yet relevant words. Provoke the curiosity of a reader to desire to know what is inside your paper. If the title is interesting, more people will be interested in your work.

Depict what is in your essay

Do essays need titles? Yes, like everything else in the world. Imagine of a town without a name. Where would people claim to be going? A good essay title indicates the content of your paper. The title builds expectations that must be met through the content of your paper.

Here are excellent essay title examples to consider:

  • The irreversible effects of Covid-19 on the education sector
  • The risks of an interdependent global economy
  • Management lessons learned during the pandemic
  • Gender abuse in sports
  • The new race to space

Catchy essay titles attract readers to your paper. While at it, ensure that the titles are relevant to your area of study. Choose a topic you are passionate about so that you can produce the most insightful paper.

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