Which soil would most likely be found in the Arctic?

Answer: B.Gelisols

Tundra soil is found in the Arctic. Tundra soil, also known as permafrost, is the frozen soil underneath the snow.

Permafrost is the frozen ground that gelisols refer to. Gelisols is derived from the Latin gelare, which means freeze.

This terminology is used by USDA soil taxonomy (Tundra soils)

Therefore, the only option for correct is B.

What soil type is tundra made of?

That is a typical college question. Tundra soils usually fall under the category of Gelisols & Cryosols Depending on the soil type used, this may vary. … Although Arctic tundra soils only have the permafrost layers, the freezethaw layer can be found in both Arctic and Alpine tundra soils.

Is tundra soil moist or dry?

However, the tundra often a humid place because of the slow evaporation. Most of the Arctic has rain in the summers and fog in winter. The water accumulates in bogs. The short growing season and cold have adapted the tundra’s vegetation. If you want more information, this link will help you.

Is there any soil in the tundra?

As we all know from our school classes, the Arctic soil is so icy that the ground underneath the tundra surface stays frozen throughout the year. Permafrost, which is permanently frozen ground, is referred to as The soil top few inches freezes each summer as the sun warms the tundra. This melted layer is known as the “active layer”.
Are there tundra soils in your area?

They are both forested earths, found primarily on sandy parent substances in areas underlain igneous rocks. Most notably, they are found in and the Canadian Shield.

What are the uses of tundra soil?

These soils can be created by freezing and thawing. They do not serve to increase agricultural productivity, but they provide a unique habitat for many different kinds of wildlife. These soils, which store large amounts of carbon, are special and extremely important.

What are desert soils exactly?

Desert soil consists of mostly sandy soil (90-95%). It is found in low-rainfall locations. It has very low organic matter and nitrogen content, making it infertile. The level of calcium in the bottom layer is 10 times more than that in the topsoil.

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