Analytical Essay Ideas: Writing Guide & Sample

An analytical expository essay requires you to delve deep into an idea or subject and provide a personal perspective. You may also be directed to approach the subject from a particular angle instead of giving an independent analysis. The expository part indicates that you will be demonstrating ideas or facts hidden by misconceptions or lack of attention.

Analytical essay definition will take a particular structure from the introduction to the body and conclusion. You may take a different route to achieve this structure based on the subject you are discussing. However, there are steps to follow when writing an analytical essay.

  1. Choose a topic

There are many analytical essay ideas to consider when writing. Choosing the right idea guarantees an enjoyable writing experience. Some of the topics will be provided while you have to pick your topic in the other cases. Check examples of analytical essay writing to see how the topic is crafted.

  1. Collect analytical essay samples

Samples come with instructions already executed. With a good analytical essay sample, you can see how the title is crafted, the structure of the introduction, and how the ideas are argued in the body. Samples also direct you on how to conclude your argument according to analytical writing rules.

Collect the samples from credible sources. The library is one of the reliable sources of a quality sample of analytical essay. Any essay placed on library shelves is vetted to ascertain that it meets the required quality standards. The library has a variety of essays that will help you to understand and execute all the instructions.

  1. Research the subject

Read widely on the subject. If you are to write analytically, you must understand the subject in depth. You also need to know the alternative sides of the argument.

  1. Develop an outline

The outline is a framework of the ideas you will discuss in your essay. It helps you to identify the strong points to open your argument, fill your body, and close with a resounding impact. It will also ensure that you do not skip a point or repeat others.

  1. Draft the paper

Use the outline to populate your paper. Writing tools like apps will help you to write faster and accurately. They ensure that you focus on your ideas instead of worry about typing and grammar.

Edit the paper before submission. It clears the errors so that your ideas are accurately represented.

Here is a sample analytical essay to guide you.

Global Warming

Rising ocean tides and increasing acreage of dry land are highlighted as signs of global warming. But is humanity fighting a losing battle? The essay explores some of the evidence against global warming.

History of land formations

Land formations in different parts of the world depict dry land that has formed over millions of years. This is contrary to what scientists claim that the current civilization is responsible for global warming. If more places have gotten dry over millions of years, then the events of the last decade cannot be blamed on the current civilization.

Too small to make an impact

The earth is too big for humanity to make an impact. Floods and droughts have been therefore for years. Wildfires as well. If these are not a new phenomenon, then the current civilization is not responsible.

Earth cycles

Historic simulations indicate that the world has been experiencing cycles of hot and freezing temperatures. We are, therefore, within a wave. The world will resolve and find balance without human intervention.


While the world is getting warmer over the last few decades, it is not enough evidence of global warming. We have to look at the subject broadly and possibly migrate to the cooler areas with the aim of returning when temperatures change.

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