A human cell placed into a hypertonic solution is likely to

Answer: A human cell placed into a hypertonic solution is likely to increase in size.


Due to the high concentration of solutes in hypertonic solutions, water has a lower potential to move out of cells. (Movement between substances in an area with a high and low concentration)

You can think of molecules in osmosis as water molecules. This is because there are two compartments separated with a membrane. If one compartment does not contain any solute, water molecules will move in the same direction between the compartments. However, adding solute to one compartment will have an effect on the likelihood of water molecules moving from one compartment to the other. It will also reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Why is that? There are many possible explanations by the college graduates. The best explanation seems to involve the solute molecules actually bouncing of the membrane and physically knocking back the water molecules from it. It makes them less likely cross1,21,2start subscript, 1, and comma. 2, end subscript.

Whatever the mechanism, the point is that more solute water will move less across a membrane into a compartment adjacent to it. This allows water to flow in a net from areas with lower solute content to those with higher solute.

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